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  1. Their website has always said late March/early April, but all of their emails throughout the interview process have only said late March. So at this point idk if it's still possible that it will be early April or if they're set on late March.
  2. Yeah of course its possible. You better hurry up and book one of those because they'll vanish too. I had to write mine 5 hours from my home town.
  3. 1 month is not a lot of time if you ask me. Not saying its impossible, but if you're taking this very seriously, you would want to start as soon as you can. I found bio to be the most time consuming by far because there is such a wide range of topics in all areas of biology. Obviously, this depends on the individual and also your major. I'm from a health science background so I'm not as well-versed in general biology and chemistry as some others would be. Taking your major into consideration, and the fact that you're already very familiar with PAT and RC, maybe you would need less time than ot
  4. Guys based on what it says, if you're applying this year in the 2021-2022 application cycle, I'm pretty sure you don't need to complete the MDT. Email them to make sure but I think it's pretty clear You DO NOT need to complete the Manual Dexterity (MDT) section of the DAT exam in 2020 or 2021. If you intend you apply from 2022 onwards, you will need to complete this part of the exam. https://www.dentistry.utoronto.ca/prospective-students/undergraduate/DDS
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