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  1. I feel like UofA is a good back-up to the Ontario schools for Ontario students, as it doesn't have a provincial preference like many of the other schools. I emailed and UofA said we can start hearing/inquiring about waitlist sections (top, mid, bottom) after May 17.
  2. I just received notification that I was wait-listed at U of A for OT. Good luck everyone! 3.71 GPA, bc applicant
  3. Yup... From what I've read that doesn't change until wayyyyyyy after you've heard from them.
  4. Hmm. Perhaps writing it yourself and getting a peer/prof/supervisor to look it over might show more of you and be more ethical... There's lots of resources online to help you write them yourself, as it is a PERSONAL reflection. Just my two cents.
  5. Haha that's funny, I also emailed the dept. and received the exact same reply back. I'm not giving up hope yet, but keeping my options open
  6. I am waitlisted #14. Is anyone near there too? I wonder how many waitlist spots were offered!
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