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  1. Right! There is no rule against it. For some reason I was under the impression they couldn't ask you about specialties you applied to. When the interviewer asked me about why my application looks surgical, that is pretty obvious that they are implicitly asking me to explain my commitment to family medicine if I am applying to surgical programs too. Not an illegal question, but it ultimately gets to the same point... I would like to emphasize as well to people that the purpose of my post is mainly to point out that this was a closed interview that was in fact NOT closed. Clearly th
  2. Just made a separate post about this, but thought I would write it here too. I got asked about why my application looked surgical in a closed family medicine interview. Fun times... fun times..
  3. Throwaway. I parallel planned family medicine with a surgical specialty. The interview was closed file and this was reiterated in the beginning of the orientation. The interviewer said something along the lines of it being a closed interview but they can be alerted of certain aspects of my application. Interviewer proceeds to ask me to comment on why my application points to surgery. I know this type of question is not allowed. I know we don't have to answer it. (Apparently this is allowed to be asked). However, I would like to mention it probably looks worse if I do
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