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  1. Just received an offer of admission for PT at UofA - Edmonton Campus! Beyond thrilled ❤️ sGPA 3.89
  2. I feel this to the max!! Debating sleeping until Friday because even awake I’m pretty much useless and completely distracted by my anticipation :s
  3. So when I was doing my research before applying to the program and from what I was told a year ago when I attended an info session on their program entrance at my Uni, the top 30% of applicants who pass all initial requirements get invited to the MMI interviews. My interview invite stated that we had until Monday March 15th to respond to the invite either accepting or declining; if declined and failure to respond by that 15th the spot would be given to a person on the waitlist. So I think it would be safe to say that you will know by next Tuesday! I hope that helps
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