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  1. I believe a friend of mine took a writing course that wasn’t English. But still check with the admissions before you make any decisions
  2. do you guys know if we need references this year?
  3. Did you guys reply to jo-ann after you got your invite? did you get a conformation?
  4. for social sciences I did some psych courses, but I would ask them directly, specially for writing requirements.
  5. yea but up until this year (and including this year) it said on the website that students could take the feb or the nov dat. Many people also didn't have an opportunity to do the dat in nov cause less spots were available.
  6. Does anyone know if they look at feb Dat this year? since the feb dat is delayed until June and a lot of people haven't done the dat in Nov. I'm not sure if they are going to ignore the dat scores completely this year or just consider the people who have already done theirs.
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