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  1. Ahh that’s so confusing, because @Ot2021- mentioned that only 3 people have been offered a spot from either the domestic or international waitlist. All this confusion is so nerve-wracking :/
  2. That’s odd, because @PotentialOTmentioned that David said that 5 people have been offered an admission off of the waitlist.
  3. Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in and see if anyone has heard of any more movement from the list?
  4. Hey everyone! I emailed David this morning, he said that 3 people have been offered a spot from the waitlist so far!
  5. I wonder if others have gotten off the waitlist! I don’t think anyone who was #4 to #9 has replied in here! I might email David on Monday to enquire - I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated!
  6. Hi! Congratulations, that’s so exciting! I believe I’m #8 now - unless some others before me have taken themselves off the waitlist! Keeping my fingers crossed
  7. No way, I had no idea! Do you know how many people deferred by any chance. It’s crazy to think that had that not happened, some of us would’ve been accepted this year!
  8. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any movement so far, I’m lowkey starting to feel a little stressed now LOL
  9. Hey, I just received this reply in the other group. So, it looks like there’s some movement in the waitlist itself.
  10. Hey everyone! It seems like there hasn’t been any movement yet. I thought we would’ve seen something by now!
  11. Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone that’s been accepted to UBC OT has decided to attend elsewhere? Or, if anyone on the waitlist accepted an offer at another university?
  12. Hi there! I was wondering what number you’re waitlisted at for UBC OT? And, if you’re planning on attending one of the other universities that you were accepted to. I’m currently waitlisted at #11 for UBC OT - just trying to see what my chances are looking like!
  13. Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone on the waitlist has gotten in somewhere else and planning on taking themselves off the waitlist? Just trying to see what my position is looking like LOL!
  14. Hi! Thanks for creating this thread - I’ve been waitlisted as well. What number are you waitlisted at? Also, if anyone moves off of the waitlist, or gets in and decides to attend elsewhere, please update in here! Good luck to everyone on the waitlist!
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