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  1. hi ! there's also another thread on the topic : "Physical therapy offers", in the Mcgill index. Most people I know posted on there ! personaly, I got mine 1-2 days ago. Average/bof casper but competitive r score. I plan on declining.
  2. Oui, don't worry pour les dépôts, faut vrm cliquer sur « détails sur la demande d'admission ». j'avais reçu une offre directe en med mais je le savais pas car le dépôt disait 0$ hahaha
  3. Same !! Just got physio today at about 22h19. Also got a scholarship for it (??). I plan on declining the offer, for those who are interested. (I got in med) Good luck to everyone !
  4. entre Mcgill et udem aussi.... est-ce que les chances sont drastiquement plus élevées d'obtenir des opportunités de recherche dans une uni que dans une autre ?
  5. What about McGill Campus MTl vs Outaouais? It's fairly new, so I am not sure what to expect !
  6. Of course, it will be my pleasure. Mine came about 15 years ago btw haha so pretty similar. But, we have to keep in mind that their opportunities and context were very different from ours. We have to learn to control that comparaison reflex, bc if we don't, we will never feel like we do enough !
  7. I am extremely sorry for you. The r score system is far from perfect and a lack of luck can erase years of hard work. This result does not represent you, nor your ability to succeed academically. It is worth noting the right information at the right time can change a lot, and you are not to blame for not having the right network at the time. I can kind of understand the pression you must go through. My parents are immigrant doctors specialists, which means they both got into Quebec med schools through the 2 or 3 spots available per faculty for their category (around 10 spots in Quebec),
  8. merci bcp à vous pour vos réponses ! c'est très apprécié et helpful Coucou thatonestudent! I think I'll end up choosing Udem and giving up my good waitlist spot at Mcgill (not sure if Hospital de Gatineau is the way to go, and not sure about McGill mtl culture). soo hope I'll see you there too !
  9. Hiii I've posted a lot in this forum and I first wanted to thank you for your support. It helps a lot. Or, je fais maintenant face à un dilemme (heureux) et je ne sais pas quoi faire. Je dois choisir entre Udem campus Montréal and sherby à Sherbrooke. Quant à Mcgill, got waitlisted a nice position but I prefer planning ahead, I don't think the waiting lists will go nearly as far as they did last year. Context : I live in the Outaouais region. I know it is a personal choice, but I love hearing your opinions and I feel like I don't have enough information. If it were about
  10. J'ai eu sherby ! (15:57) edit : (sur le site, pas encore reçu le courriel)
  11. ughhh I can't sleep. Good luck everyone <3 We all deserve a place in medicine, we've made it so far. I feel so lucky I got to meet many of you and I'm sending all of you the most positive energy possible. I believe in your chances, and you ever need to talk, I'm there. Now let's enjoy this day we've been waiting for months !
  12. wait.... as tu pris les CIP donné après avoir entré les 3 derniers chiffres de NAS and stuff ?
  13. Omg j'ai catch,... j'ai la même mention!!! (admis non inscrit en doctorat en médecine)
  14. as tu reçu un courriel de confirmation ? jsp ou trouver le CIP haha
  15. le lien me dit "erreur".... est ce que il y en aurait un autre ? hahah je suis vrm curieuse
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