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  1. I believe all of McGill’s applications are completely separate so it shouldn’t have an impact on your PT application. Though they are in the same department so I’m not 100% sure I’m sorry. You could try emailing them to ask. McGill answers pretty quickly. (or you could call maybe)
  2. what’s your med-p rank if you don’t mind me asking? from what I’ve heard, I think PT/OT are great programs to apply to med, and also great programs to fall back on in case you don’t get in. also, I think it’s important to go with something that interests you!!
  3. Will my grades during the preparatory year (incoming cegep student here) count towards my admissions to residency programs? In other words, will the prep year be part of my transcripts?
  4. Si on a aucun dépôt maintenant ca veut probablement dire LA ou refus?
  5. pour la LA, “après” voulant dire quand à-peu-pres?
  6. Est-ce que UdeM vont sortir les rangs de LA vendredi? (et pas demain?)
  7. Exactly^ let’s not jump to conclusions until tomorrow!
  8. Je crois que c’est peut-être un refus ou LA
  9. Moi aussi Peut-être c’est juste ceux qui ont eu une offre directe qui y ont accès?
  10. One day guys Very appropriately titled “Un Dia (One Day)” :
  11. 4 days!! Some very accurate lyrics: “Now I'm FourFiveSeconds from wildin' (I truly am)And we got three more days 'til Friday” more like 4 more days ‘til Thursday but close enough
  12. J’ai plus de reactions mais je te remercie!
  13. Merci beaucoup! Ça éclaircit beaucoup les incertitudes que j’avais
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