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  1. Result: Accepted (Mississauga) Timestamp: 9:46 EST (they're still coming everyone don't lose hope!!) wGPA/cGPA: around 3.99 MCAT: 131/129/132/130 ECs: 2 years undergrad research, a few pubs (one 2nd author), university societies Essays: Honestly did not think they were that good, didn't spend a huge amount of time on them. Interview: I thought it went really poorly - was very scattered, ran out of time for 2/4 prompts, and honestly thought I might've dropped some red flags (But I guess not??) Year: 4th year Geography: OOP I may be turning this spo
  2. Just got a waitlist email too! Time Stamp: 9:10 EST Result: waitlisted GPA: 3.99 Stream: English Year: 4th Interview Thoughts: I thought it went really well, had good answers for each question and good energy with the interviewers. There was no negative wording in the email (as outlined above) Will probably be turning down the waitlist position as I was also accepted elsewhere!
  3. Result: Accepted Timestamp: 8:46 EST 4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 3.95+, honestly I didn't look that much into calculating it LOL MCAT: 522 (131/129/132/130) MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: MMI was half decent. I was a bit nervous that I dropped a few red flags but I guess not! The panel was quite nice, really connected with the interviewers. Panel Date (Saturday March 27th or Sunday March 28th): Sat Mar 27 ECs: 2 years of undergrad research, a few pubs (one second author), some university societies. My non-academic score was pretty low at other schools I applied to and
  4. Result: Accepted (edit: Hamilton Campus) Timestamp: guessing 12:00 am, only checked when I woke up. Email received at 8:36 AM EST. cGPA: 3.99 CARS: 129 CASPer: must've been half decent bc I'm OOP. felt pretty good, I'm a pretty fast typer and felt pretty comfortable with all of my answers. MMI interview thoughts: honestly felt like my best interview this cycle. wasn't really stumped by any questions, thought I had thorough & interesting answers for each q Year: 4th Geography: OOP Guaranteed interview from last year: No I will most likely be acc
  5. Hi everyone, Just curious what your thoughts are on the likelihood of any significant movement of the IP waitlist in May. From past years' posts in the Accepted/Rejected thread, it doesn't look like a ton of people end up making it off the waitlist. Are there many IP people who were given offers that would turn Dal down for another school? I can definitely anticipate more movement on the OOP waitlists but not sure about NS residents. I'm just trying to get my expectations in a reasonable place for May.
  6. Waitlisted (IP, NS) Score: 72.6, GPA 4.0, MCAT 515+ Lowest score was in supplemental but still hopeful for some waitlist movement!!
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