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  1. Got an offer to London campus off the HWL @ 1:14pm! Declining for another school. Good luck!
  2. They did earlier today if you scroll back and it looks like it’s a NWL (unless I’m wrong in my understanding of the wording)
  3. Just looked back at the other forum site, specifically the poll showing the A/HWL/NWL/LWL/R breakdown and the # of people on HWL vs NWL wouldn’t make sense if that were true (since I assume HWL is a smaller pool)
  4. Yikes that would suck. Should we call adcom tomorrow?
  5. @rmorelan do you know if this has happened before?
  6. Yup, that looks like a NWL. Were you contacted by phone? What time?
  7. I’m on the HWL and didn’t receive anything. Weird
  8. Did the “reset responses” button on OMSAS disappear?
  9. Time Stamp: 9:29am WL Ranking (H, N, L): H Accepting Another Offer (Y/N): N
  10. Anyone here also have a Western interview the same weekend? Email says we cannot change date or time once we are assigned a spot. Chances of conflict?
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