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  1. Thanks for the reply! Sorry to hear about your situation If you don't mind me asking, what speciality are you in currently?
  2. haha thanks for the advice!! I'll make sure to be the best internal resident I can!
  3. Thanks for the reply! From what you have heard, do you usually tell your own programs PD that you are thinking of transferring before contacting other programs? Or would I contact other programs' PDs and then tell my PD once they tell me it is possible to transfer?
  4. That's true! My only concern is that if I were to do GIM, I feel that I would prefer to have just went the family medicine route and be done in 2 yrs (or 2.5 yrs after transferring). I also feel that I am concerned with not matching given that I recently didn't match to my first choice specialty and I now have feelings of doubt haha :/
  5. IM was my parallel plan specialty, and I thought I would be happy with it. I ended up matching to my first choice IM program on April 20 and I felt a sense of dread rather than excitement. Looking back at my clerkship rotations, I enjoyed internal but I also enjoyed family medicine. I think that I would rather just do 2 years and maybe a plus 1 rather than going through a second CaRMS process with the risk of not even matching into what I want to do.
  6. Does anyone have experience transferring from IM to FM?
  7. Thanks for the reply, I'll search the forum. When transferring, say from IM to FM, do you generally have to start from PGY1 again?
  8. I recently matched into one of my parallel plan specialties (5 year program). While I am very grateful for matching, I feel that I made the wrong choice ranking this specialty, and would have rather matched into family medicine. I was just wondering how one would go about transferring into another specialty, and how soon I should start working on this process. Also, am I limited to transferring specialties at my own institution, or can I transfer to other schools as well? Thanks in advance!
  9. For Ontario IM I'm ranking 1. Toronto (Reason: I'm from the GTA, and I feel Toronto is great for research and future subspecialty training) 2. McMaster (Reason: I'm from the GTA and I heard that residents feel very well prepared coming out of Mac internal, given that you have a large patient load early on in your training) 3. Queens (Reason: I heard that this is a very strong program and great collegiality. I also think that Kingston is a great city and a great place to study) 4. Ottawa (Reason: Good program, but from what I heard not as strong as the ones I've listed befor
  10. I heard that schools often prefer their own students for fellowships. So Toronto and Mac may be good if you're from the GTA if you want to be here for the long term! That's how I've been rationalizing it haha
  11. Having 5 letters is a good rule of thumb! I had 4 in the end, but the letter I was waiting on was a preceptor I really connected with/thought would be a strong letter. Thanks for the well wishes!
  12. Exactly what frenchpress said! Definitly incredibly stressful though, haha. I ended up submitting my application a day before the deadline, and my plan was to switch the letter for generic letters I had if my letter writers hadn't ended up submitting the letters on time.
  13. Thanks for the advice! I'll definitly get in touch with some of the plastics residents!
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