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  1. How soon do you see IM jobs drying up in desirable locations (such as Toronto or the surrounding communities?)
  2. Do you know how likely it is for someone to be aiming for a sub-specialty but then not matching and getting stuck with GIM? Because as of now, I don't know how much I would like a career in GIM
  3. I really like the flexibility of family medicine as well! The uncertainty of the second CaRMS match is also very anxiety-inducing for me, and definitely a big negative of internal lol
  4. That's very interesting. I think 450k is absolutely a lot of money. Is it still difficult to get a position in an FHO?
  5. Hi everyone, I applied to both internal medicine and family medicine this year. I really do enjoy both of them and both have their own pros and cons. I am currently in the process of making my Rank Order List and am now more conflicted than ever. One of the factors influencing my decision is salary. This isn't the only factor but it is something that I want to think about, especially with the though of having to pay back undergraduate and medical school loans (I know all doctors will eventually pay back their loans, but I would rather do it sooner) I know that the average salar
  6. I have heard that McMaster's Hamilton site provides very good training with a lot of faculty support. However, residents often have a lot of responsibility (which contributes to the learning) and busy calls. I do not know much about the Waterloo program.
  7. Hello, I am currently applying to IM in CaRMS and have been fortunate enough to get several interviews. I am finding it difficult to compare programs however (away electives would have really helped with this). I have spoken with several IM residents from Ontario programs but have not had much luck speaking with residents at schools outside of Ontario. I have heard from others however that UBC IM and McGill are not great programs, however I did find this to be quite surprising. So, I wanted to reach out on PM101 to see if anyone had info on IM programs across Canada, particular
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