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  1. Personally, I don't think looking at matching data from UdeM v. McGill is any indicator of what gives you a better chance for U of T because the reason any French university would have lower matching rate at an english institution is likely the language barrier (francophone students are less likely to try to match into anglophone institutions). For matching, your score on the standardized exam for med students, research and volunteer/work experiences matter, and so you should think where you would do better in these areas to ultimately match to U of T!
  2. My advice: Rscore and Casper are the most important indicators, CV is much more minor. Focus your time on doing well on your finals, and devote your next semester to improve your Rscore. If you have a difficult time academically and it's really not possible, I would put a lot of time aside to prepare for the Casper. It is so important to not lose sight that it is 90% Rscore + Casper, 10% CV, so make sure to focus your effort with that in mind. Also, quality>quantity. Show sustained involvement, they can see right through individuals who started everything in their second year to pad their u
  3. I got mine in the afternoon. I had a 37+. Hope that helps! (CEGEP applicant)
  4. Same tbh I don't understand what is taking so long
  5. Does anyone have any advice for the MMIs? I am doing mine this week for McGill as a CEGEP applicant and am terrified. If you could do it again, what would you change. I am totally aware of the NDA so no details, but I just want to garner a sense of calm before the storm. (DMs are open)
  6. Did anyone also apply for Dentistry? Does that decision come at the same time?
  7. Catégorie : CEGEP Programme : Health Science Cote R : 37+ Feeling sur le Casper : I think it went well, answered the questions and prepared in advance. Overall CV : Leadership positions at school, awards and bourses, volunteering and work experience. Something I’m proud of Commentaires : Excited for all of this to be over and to graduate CEGEP! I don’t know if anyone else applied to physiotherapy, but I am waiting to get a response from them so I can relax a bit.
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