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  1. Hi everyone, after reading through this forum for a while, I think I would start doing a second undergrad since it's probably the only option I can do for now if I still want to chase my MD dream. I already have a BSc and UofT won't let me do another BSc, but I have no interest at all with the other BA degrees and still want to do something else with science degree. I'm looking for Nutrition and Dietetics program since it would also be a good backup plan B if I never get into med. I would like to stay in Ontario and there are only 3 uni with this program in ON (Ryerson, Guelph, and Brescia). H
  2. Hi everyone, I finished my first undergrad degree with a pretty low GPA which won't be competitive for any med schools, and I'm thinking about doing a second degree. I'm thinking about Dental Hygiene degree but want to ask if anyone has taken this before applying to med? I know some med schools don't approve a degree with lot of P/F courses, and since Dental Hygiene degree has some clinical rotation so I'm not sure if this degree would be a good choice for second degree? Any advices?
  3. Does UofT only looks at the second degree for now? Someone told me that UofT and Mac will look at everything from undergrad, so only Western, Queens, NOSM, and UOttawa would be much more possible with second degree but I'm not sure if they have changed it?
  4. Hi everyone, I have graduated from UofT with my first undergrad degree, but my GPA was to bad, and I'm considering doing a second degree to apply to med. I know this route would be difficult and need to think carefully, but if I don't give it a try, I would be regret of not even trying. I need some advices about choosing programs if anyone was in the same situation. Since I cannot make any more mistakes for this decision so really appreciated if anyone could give me some advices as well as your experiences. I'm thinking about some health-related program because if I could never
  5. Hi everyone, I have a similar situation with people in this forum and also want to do a second undergrad degree, but Idk which program would be the best choice. I'm thinking about some health-related program because if I never get into med, I would still have a backup plan. So I'm thinking of some programs like nutrition and dietetics, but still wondering if there are any other programs that you guys could recommend? Also, I remember someone mentioned earlier in this forum about dietetics so I'm wondering if anyone know which school I could apply for this program to get a high grade? I di
  6. Hi everyone, I have graduated from a Canadian university and want to apply to med schools in Canada. However, my GPA is not competitive for Canadian med schools, but going to Caribbean or US med school may not giving me a better chance for residency match when coming back here, plus the tuition fees are too expensive. I know in US there are some post-bac programs that could help boosting GPA, so I'm wondering if anyone know of any kind of post-bacc program like that in Canada? If there is, would they be accredited and accepted for Canadian med schools? For another option, if I'm taking the pos
  7. Hi, is there any post-bacc program in Ontario that could help boosting GPA? I was looking for some kind of post-bacc program to improve my GPA but could'd find one. Can you share some info about the post-bacc program you mentioned? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I'm just curious if anyone here applying to the Dental Hygiene program this cycle? Has anyone know whether the interview invites been already sent out yet? I emailed the admission office but no one rep me yet
  9. Hi everyone, I can't seem to find any topic about UBC Dental Hygiene program in this forum so decided to start one. Has anyone applied to the Dental Hygiene program at UBC this cycle? Has any of you heard about the interview? The interview will likely be coming up soon since the website says April 9 & 10, but I haven't heard anything about the interview so I'm just too worried
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