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  1. When people say that dental school in US is worth almost 500-600K, are they including transport, food, housing and all? would you happen to know how much loan I would need to get just for the tuition? anything other than the tuition my parents would be able to pay for me I'd hope.
  2. I see people stating their averages either by GPA or percentages. Like western MD where they want a 3.7 for your 2 years to be considered, does western dental want 3.7 or 80%? Also, do they focus on GPAs or percentages? I have a 90% average this year but my gpa for this year is a 3.77, a 3.77 is way worse than a 90% I'd assume. What do they focus on? US dental could be about $300K USD if i go to a cheap school, I know that Scotiabank gives half of that price as a loan, do I have to have an account with them prior and have credit history? or can I just show them my credit history fr
  3. anyone got a study guide with great outcomes? Also, what resources did you guys use? I just bought DATCrusher because it's the only one for the cDAT available
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