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  1. I'm also curious about this! I used the email on the website (not the OT admissions email) to accept my offer but have yet to hear back. Hopefully thats the right one!
  2. Hi there! On the supplementary info form it asked which human phys credit you'd like to include in the prereq GPA calculation and said that it must have a 3 credit minimum. This translates to a single semester course at Dal.
  3. Hi everyone! For anyone who is applying to Dal OT who is graduating in May (i.e. has courses in progress)... do you know if they use just your 3rd and 4th year (without second semester 4th year) to calculate your GPA or do they use some credits from your 2nd year to get a total of 60 credit hours for the GPA calculation? I was thinking about this the other day and was just curious
  4. I think the only date that Dal OT has released is that you are able to inquire to the School of OT about your application as of the 15th of April!
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