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  1. I think it's because the large population as well as the culture in the program. I don't feel comfortable generalizing it to other specialties at uoft and ubc because the program culture can be totally different and more collegial.
  2. If your goal is matching to a uoft sub-specialty, then uoft IM is your best chance. In 2021, ~60% of residents who matched to uoft subspecialty, were uoft IM residents. Otherwise, the two programs are similar. My impression is that UBC is a bit more demanding and service heavy than uoft. Also, doing IM residency in an Ontario school would open more doors for subspecialty match at any of the Ontario schools.
  3. LOL dammit Sask Info Session residents! Good to know haha, thanks @bearded frog
  4. Some notes on Sask IM for anyone interested: PGY1: 6-7 blocks of CTU, 2-3 subspecialty, 1 CCU, 1 neurology, 1 ER, 0.5 ambulatory clinic PGY2: 2 blocks of icu, 4-5 blocks of selectives, 3 electives OOP total, 0.5-1 block of CTU New modern hospitals. Tons of opportunities for procedures in both sites. Saskatoon: great outdoors, beautiful trails, Remai Modern (new art museum), great food scene (highest # of restaurants per capita in Canada?) and affordable, Roxy theatre, fireworks festival, fun winter activities, affordable housing, easy commuting. Regina: Smal
  5. Thanks! This is very helpful. Do you have any info about the two McMaster sites by any chance?
  6. I have limited info about UBC Vancouver Island (word of mouth mostly) but I heard it's generally better compared to UBC Vancouver. I think as residents, UBC Vancouver is brutal in all of the CTU sites. At busier hospitals, the sheer volume of consults can keep you up all night and late post-call, and at less busy CTU hospitals, being responsible for ward calls for all CTU teams + consults makes it a terrible experience. I have heard that they are trying to make some changes, however.
  7. I have also heard that UBC IM is pretty terrible in terms of service. Talked to a couple of current R1s who were quite burned out especially with Covid. Unfortunately, it's hard to get much from the socials as they all say good things about all the programs so I take them with a grain of salt. I am from Alberta and have personally heard amazing things about both IM programs here; especially Calgary IM seems to be doing a great job with the perfect balance of teaching and service. Would also love to hear more about the Ontario and McGill programs.
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