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  1. What are the career options after a master's of science degree in kinesiology. If I want to go ahead and practice physiotherapy later, is it a good stepping stone?
  2. I have a bsc in physiotherapy from India and I wanna move to Canada for my further studies. I plan on applying for both rehabilitation sciences and kinesiology thesis based masters. I want to know which one would be better suited if I want to continue practicing physiotherapy after completion.
  3. Hi, I plan on applying for the Msc in Rehabilitation sciences course in canada in the fall of 2022. I have already emailed professors of all universities. Is there anything else I should be doing to strengthen my application. Any advice will be really appreciated
  4. Hi, I'm planning on applying for the msc in rehabilitation science programme in canada in fall 2022. I have already emailed professors regarding supervision. What else should I be doing to strengthen my application?
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