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  1. This is what mine showed up as. I got a confirmation email and number, but was worried I did something wrong. When I clicked firmly accept and tried to re-submit, it told me no new changes were being made. I called ORPAS (twice, because I am paranoid) and they told me they received the offer and I double checked with the school and they told me they received my acceptance.
  2. Hi, just to double check - when confirming an offer, you submit the request (which is followed by an Amendment Confirmation email saying the changes were processed), and the program changes to “Firmly accepted” on OPRAS. Is this all you have to do through ORPAS to accept the offer?
  3. I am mainly basing my decision on school locations, as I think that all the program structures and courses across Universities are pretty great! That being said, a pro for Western and Queens would be that they’re out of the GTA (and McMaster? Hamilton is kind of on the outskirts), making housing generally more affordable. But, there could be more job opportunities in the GTA so this could go either way.
  4. Applied (OT): UofT, Queens, Mac, WesternAccepted: UofT, Queens, MacWaitlisted:Rejected: Western GPA: sgpa - 3.98 cgpa - 3.99 I did not feel confident about the Casper test or MMI, but the MMI must have gone better than I thought! Strong references from thesis supervisors (though thesis was unrelated - in Ecology); degree in both Biology and Psychology; worked as a student researcher in an aquatic ecology lab, as a student marker, and as a hostess); volunteered online on a disability support forum, as a note taker, and on a Relay for Life committee I did not have OT-specific expe
  5. Did anyone get an acceptance email from Mac? ORPAS indicates an offer but I haven’t received an email yet.
  6. I believe we are emailed, and the results will also be posted on ORPAS under choices/offers.
  7. Sorry, I accidentally posted the circuit time question twice and am unsure of how to delete it so I am just editing it to this aha.
  8. Hello, has anyone been emailed yet about the circuit they are in for the Mac interview? Mine is on Saturday and I’m still waiting for the details.
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