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  1. Just curious, how do interviews work for residency in Canada. Since the CMG and the IMG rounds have designated spots are the interviews held on separate days/time of year or all together?
  2. Does anyone know if there are any programs like the NOSM Summer Studentship Program that incoming or curent med students can apply for this summer? Thanks
  3. I have already completed an english course at my home uni and was wondering what Athabasca U courses the U of A accepts for the med program? They don't require like two parallel eng courses from the same institution do they like part 1 and 2? Thanks
  4. I have finished one english course at my home university and need to do a second for the U of A from athabasca university, any recommendations on courses that are accepted?
  5. In traditional interviews, just curious do interviewers walk you out after the interview or does it depend? Does it really mater?
  6. On the same lines, on average how many questions are applicants asked (questions and follow ups to answers) in total?
  7. A little off topic of this thread and sorry if this has already been asked but has anyone been successful in changing their U of T date. I am curious how receptive they are of this, and if it in anyway can hinder your chances (not giving them priority)? Asides exam or other interview, any idea what constitutes a 'good reason'.
  8. If you have another interview clashing, did you send them proof of it? Did they request the other schools documents?
  9. Does anyone know how many students GWU interviews and then eventually accepts? How has the past rate been for Canadians?
  10. This is spot on true, Irish grads are very highly regarded in Canada. In the world of evidence based medicine, this really is not different. Irish docs have been practicing in Canada for years and there are many many doctors throughout the nation that trained in Ireland. Residency programs from provinces like Sask and Newfoundland make visits. The educational system is similar, as is the clinical training. Its a quality control measure and the program directors are well aware of this. DO is a good route, but be sure before you leave for it that you truly have a passion of osteopathic manipula
  11. I just had a question for all the med students. After years 1 or 2, what are some activities that people have found, which are not the traditional research, overseas volunteering or electives, that they recommend to future years?
  12. When you submit the application, you go to the sign and seal page and click on confirm. Is that it? Do you get an email of any kind? I can still go back and edit things so I am a little confused?
  13. Hi everyone, Just a question, I have rewritten my MCAT a few times but verbal has kept eluding me to the point where I think my only chance of med school in north america is the states. My GPA is over 3.9 (AMCAS scale) and my final mcat was 11s in both sciences and 8 in verbal with an S in writing. I have applied to a few schools but was planning on adding 1 or 2 more. Any recommendations of schools that are forgiving towards multiple low verbal scores with a high GPA and strong ECs and research experiences?
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