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  1. Applied (OT): UBC, UofT, Western, Queens Accepted: UBC and Queens Waitlisted: Rejected: UofT and Western GPA: UBC - 92.6%, ORPAS: SGPA - 3.71 & CGPA - 3.39 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: - I think a big strength of mine was working as a research assistant for a professor in OT, attending a site visit to shadow an OT and finally volunteering at an OT clinic. I think these experiences really helped me gain a better understanding of OT and helped with my Queens personal statement and UBC interview - I worked with various populations
  2. Rejected from uoft and western OT and accepted to Queens OT! ORPAS is blank and I received everything through email
  3. I was accepted! I had an average of 92.6% from my last 15 courses at UBC and I had a research position and worked with people with developmental disabilities in recreational settings. Those were my main experiences I had but I also volunteered at an OT clinic and coached people with disabilities.
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