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  1. Also got my email at 3:14! So excited to meet all of you!!!!
  2. Can we expect some movement today or will it most likely be after Thursday?
  3. Doesn't look like there will be any movement today, maybe the next wave might be a week from now (assuming thats the deadline for offers from yesterday)
  4. Do you guys think that all the offers for round 1 were sent yesterday?
  5. Congratulations to all those who got in today! For the rest of us, do we think that might be it for today?
  6. Aside from last year, most went out on Wed-Friday after the two week mark if I am not mistaken so maybe Ottawa might be doing one or two big waves now as opposed to many smaller ones..?
  7. Were the offers in past years given out in waves or all together?
  8. Has any OOP applicant received any news from dal?
  9. I see where you guys are coming from. I guess my perspective on this whole thing is if you look at the last gpa accepted in each year tracing all the way back to 2017, people with low 3.9s have been accepted. Last year, it even went as low as 3.89 and stopped right before the next 4.0 rotation ( when it was expected to be less movement last year). So if the trend follows, shouldn't everyone before next 4.0 rotation (i.e. everyone in Bin1) be expected to receive an offer? I think because of the more reporting this year bin 1 seems extremely large, but I would expect the trends to stay pre
  10. I also agree! I think its also important to look at the stats from the past 5 years and it seems like it always went through at least one cycle of 4.0- low 3.9s. I think there is more reporting this year as the time stamp theory was seen to pretty much work last year and people are more inclined to post. I am not sure where @here4mydaughtergot the percentages but in my opinion taking into consideration the data from the previous years and even last year (where there was supposedly less movement), we should probably get through everyone in "Bin 1." I could be wrong, but this is my speculation b
  11. Congratulations! What time did you receive the waitlist email (created) and your GPA
  12. After accepting their waitlist position, has anyone received a confirmation?
  13. After accepting their waitlist position, has anyone received a confirmation?
  14. Do we think the movement will likely start next week or after the two week mark?
  15. If you are comfortable sharing, what was your score?
  16. Thank you! Last year's time stamp within bin 1 all seem to be within 2 min, whereas this years it spans over 5 min. Do you guys think this will effect how many people in bin 1 receive an offer?
  17. I think they call first and if you don't answer they email. Not too sure tho! Also does anyone have the data from last years waitlist spreadsheet?
  18. In the past years, have people in Bin 1 always given offers?
  19. I can share the document with you if you like, so we can both update depending on your schedules to the same spreadsheet?
  20. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and you should see the seconds; it should be like 13:07:XX
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