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  1. I believe so because I just got in yesterday with 74.68 and the person with a 74.84 got in last Thursday I believe! I think it just makes sense that way but I am also not 100% certain!!
  2. Thank you!!!! and of course!!! I am the research coordinator in the Otolaryngology - Head and Neck clinic here. I have 2 publications and 2 submitted!! (1st author for 1, 3rd author for the other). I worked at a farm and did tours for kids in elementary school, was a full time babysitter, did my honours research, started my MSc research in fish genetics and quit that (gained a lot of experience there I believe, plus learned a lot about myself). Vice President of Environmental Science Student Association at my school and was the Environmental Science representative of the Women in Science Club!
  3. ACCEPTED!!!!! Off waitlist :):):) SO HAPPY! First time applicant, GPA: 4.00, MCAT: 505 (my interview really did me well because my supplemental wasn't great lol) Overall score 74.68! WOW I AM CRYING!!!!!!!!
  4. Does anyone know anybody else who got in off the waitlist?? Just wondering if they sent many invites out or just the one!
  5. Oh sorry!!! 74.84 I am seeing now, GREAT JOB CONGRATS
  6. OMG congrats!!!!!:) what was your score if you don't mind me asking?
  7. I have an update! I was told that waitlist invites from Dal likely won’t come out until Ontario invites go out. Not sure if this is true though but it’s what I’ve heard!
  8. I heard that in previous years you used to be able to meet and discuss your application overall with someone, but they took this away. I'm sure everyone was trying to make an appointment! I don't know about the interview feedback though. Sorry, not much help!
  9. Hi everyone!! I’m just very curious reading through these, what invites went out in March? And why are there some coming out now? (I am OOP and got declined before the interview but I’m still following this feed and I’d love to know)
  10. Does anyone know how long the waitlist usually is? Also do many people from NS get in from the waitlist? NERVOUS AS HELL. The wait sucks lol
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