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  1. Allô, j'ai créé un Google Sheet pour les candidats CNFS qui sont sur la liste d'attente à UOttawa! Je doute qu'on est nombreux, mais ça pourrait quand même nous aider. Hi, I created a Google Sheet for waitlisted CNFS applicants at UOttawa. There probably aren't many of us here, but it might still help. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XGaTJiU6T0cDusHujx7fH8alUsHjsIvoTo5xPWLdA9o/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Has anyone heard anything about potential waitlist movement?
  3. Hey thanks for sharing this! It's so hard to know what's up with the CNFS, I think they interviewed like under 30 of us?
  4. I appreciate them telling us they'll e-mail when the class is full. There are only 8 CNFS spots so maybe we'll know sooner rather than later? I cried so much after my interview, I thought it went awful... I'm grateful for even a waitlist spot. Ottawa would be my top choice
  5. Time Stamp: 9:54 AM EST Result: Good WL cGPA: 3.97 Stream: CNFS Year: MA Interview thoughts: Panel was kind, but thought it went truly awful and found my answers shallow. Cried a lot after
  6. Result: Rejected Timestamp: 9am ish EST cGPA: 3.97 CARS: 131 CASPer: Felt good! Had fun MMI interview thoughts: My interview skills are definitely the weak point of my application and I was so nervous coming into this application cycle. Prepared a lot and thought the questions were genuinely interesting. I didn't really get the chance to talk about my personal experiences that much though, which probably sunk me. Super bummed Year: Master's Geography: OOP Guaranteed interview from last year: No
  7. Le bureau du registraire vient juste de me confirmer la même chose. 300$, c'est pas une petite somme. Super frustrant
  8. J'ai été acceptée (contingent de la Nouvelle-Écosse)! La date limite pour accepter/refuser notre place est le 10 mai, mais j'attends aussi des décisions des universités ontariennes, qui ne sortent pas avant le 11 mai Je vais me renseigner auprès de l'Université Sherbrooke pour voir si la date peut être repoussée. Y a-t-il quelqu'un d'autre dans la même situation?
  9. I feel this. I'm holding out hope, but I'm also trying not to feed my message board addiction and trying not to think about it too much. I don't have much to add to the speculation. I went to Dal for undergrad and still live in the Maritimes, and for what it's worth, it looks like this was a SUPER competitive year. I don't know (and none of my friends know) a single person who was accepted - everyone got waitlisted or rejected. Anyone on the waitlist rn should still be really proud of themselves for making it so far in an unconventional application year.
  10. That’s insane! Your guess is as good as mine. My academic score likely carried me a bit but I doubt it’ll be enough for an acceptance
  11. Waitlisted (NS) with 74.61 total score Academic is 3.97 (I forget what Dal rounded it to) and 520 (24/25) Essay/supplemental: 25.41 Interview: 25.20 (rip) Not feeling good about my chances with my interview score so just gonna enjoy life as much as possible and try not to think about it
  12. Waitlisted with 74.61. I thought that was a good score, but damn, seems like lots of people are in the 74+ range. I'm not super hopeful.
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