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  1. Just accepted my position off of the IP-NS waitlist! score was a 73.9. There's hope, stay positive guys!!!
  2. Thanks for the update!I I thought all of the Ontario invites already went out, is that not the case?
  3. I saw one person get off of the waitlist a few days ago but that's it. I have a feeling it on't move much more because Ontario acceptances have already come out does anyone know the deadline for dal students to accept/reject their offer and if there is usually more movement around that date?
  4. is the order of the waitlist solely based on the overall score? thanks!
  5. does anyone know if they're allowing people to book appointments to discuss their application?
  6. if you get off the waitlist, are you able to defer your acceptance for a year or do you have to accept it for the upcoming year?
  7. when does the waitlist normally start to move?
  8. thank you!! and do you mean for ontario schools? or for dal students from ontario?
  9. how long do those who were accepted have to accept/decline their offer?
  10. what was your EC, interview, and overall if you dont mind me asking?
  11. waitlisted (IP-NS) 3.9 GPA 508 MCAT 24.5/35 essay/supplementals 28.4/40 interview 73.9/100 overall does anyone know my chances of getting off the waitlist?
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