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  1. I see! My transcripts have courses that are weighed differently so I decided to take this approach. I hope I did it correctly. I just kept my percentage score until the final conversion so that it's the most accurate. The website also mentioned that laboratory courses needed to be excluded in the GPA calculation which made it more complicated too.
  2. Oh interesting! The Faculty of Graduate Studies made it seem a lot more complicated. I'll try to attach a screenshot of what I used.
  3. The last time I checked, my application still said written notification to follow as well but nothing about a decision being made. My subGPA is a 4.0/4.3 and I'm also OOP. I had a question about the GPA conversion from a 4.0 to 4.3 scale. I didn't think it was possible to have a 3.85/4.3. When you look at the Graduate Studies website, it mentions that a 80-84% is a 3.7, 85%-89% is a 4.0, and a 90-100% is a 4.3. From this I assumed that a 91 or 99 are both considered a 4.3 (taken from the website as well)? How did you get a grade point that was in between 3.7 and 4.0?
  4. Has anyone else heard back from Dal OT yet about offers to OOP students? I saw that one person was waitlisted (with a near perfect subGPA) but I haven't heard anything since. Feeling a little discouraged at the moment...
  5. I remember when I wrote my CASPer, they recommended that you update your account with your OPRAS ID once your application was submitted through OPRAS. CASPer needs your ID so that the schools you applied to can verify your scores and that it's the right applicant. For me, this meant that when I finished my OPRAS application, I needed to go back and update my CASPer account with my OPRAS ID. I assume that some people may have forgotten to do this and are now receiving emails as a reminder.
  6. I went back to the 2020 thread and found this quote: "Dal - They used to have more seats for out of province, but I believe it's now only 15 or so out of 66. It used to be 8 NL, 12 NB, 4(?) PEI and 20 NS?...around there. They doubled most of them this year. Used to be about 30 so from out of province now only 15." I hope this helps!
  7. Hi! I think a lot of us were expecting to hear back from Dalhousie OT yesterday (April 15th). That being said, I think we should hear back from them by the end of the month hopefully. From what I read in last years thread, Dalhousie sent out offer letters to in province applicants first (I could be completely wrong though). I'm not sure whether you are in province or OOP but that might affect your chances of getting in since Dal reserves a certain number of seats for applicants from the Atlantic provinces.
  8. I probably was haha! I opened the FAQ's pdf they have on the admissions website and had a mini heart attack when I saw the 6 credit hours.
  9. Oh interesting... I think I remember choosing a half credit for both human physiology and anatomy if that's what the supplementary info form asked for. Maybe you can choose a full year course (6 hour credit) if that's the only physiology course you took in 3rd/4th year. Either way, I took a full year physiology course in my upper years but I didn't choose it because my GPA was better on the half credit. I hope that's okay.
  10. Hey everyone! I just had a quick question regarding Dal's prerequisite courses. I know it's kind of late to be asking these questions but I've seen discrepancies between the FAQ's pdf and the Graduate Studies How to Apply Page. The FAQ's pdf says that 6 credit hours (full credit) in physiology and 3 credit hours (half credit) in anatomy are required whereas the How to Apply page says that only 3 credit hours (half credit) are required for both physiology and anatomy. I can't remember what the supplementary application form asked for and was wondering if anyone does?
  11. Does anyone know if Dal OT uses full credits taken in 3rd/4th year towards the sGPA in addition to half credits? I was just trying to convert my GPA from a 4.0 to 4.3 scale and wasn't sure if they counted towards the 20 credits needed for sGPA. Thanks in advance!
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