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  1. I'm so sorry, have I said something wrong? I am still new to this and have just recently heard about the profession so I apologize if I have offended anyone. I am just looking to get genuine insight.
  2. Hi everyone, I will be going into my second year of my undergrad in septemeber. I had previously wanted to go to medical school, but upon hearing and learning more about the PA profession, I have decided that this would be a better fit for me. I am really loving the lateral mobility, as well as the work-life balance, and minimal schooling associated with being a PA. I guess I was just wondering, how much free time do you all have in PA school? And also as practicing PAs? I am intriuged by the ability to perform many of the duties of the phyician (with less autonomy of course), but
  3. I would like to know this as well. I am in a similar situation to OP.
  4. I go to ottawa and health science is definitely a pretty easy program compared to most BSc programs. Keep in mind though that in third/fourth year you are gonna have to write lots of essays, papers and stuff so if you like that stuff you may like health science, but if you don't then maybe choose something else. Biomed does fill more prereqs but it is definitely harder, most pre meds that I know started in biomed and then switched programs when they realized how hard it was to keep a competitive gpa. I would recommend just doing health science and then taking the remaining prereqs as electives
  5. I go to uottawa for BSc. human kinetics and it is decently hard to get a good GPA. Biomed at ottawa is notoriously hard and known as a GPA killer. Most biomed students at uO will drop out of biomed when they realize how hard it is to keep up a high GPA. Idk much about the other programs.
  6. Hello everyone, I am a Ontario student currently living in Ottawa. I have just finished my first year of undergrad with a low GPA (3.1). I struggled greatly with the online learning in isolation from my friends and classmates, as well as faced many other challenges with mental health, financial loss, deaths in the family due to covid etc. I know that PA programs (except for maybe Manitoba?) look at cGPA and not wGPA, so I am very worried about how my first year GPA will affect my application. Even if I get a 4.0 in my next three y
  7. Hey, I dont think I will be of much help because I am not in any of the programs you mentioned, but I am at uOttawa in the health science faculty (HK program), so I take a lot of similar courses to the health science students. You are correct in saying that health science is mostly "easier" than life science, mostly because you usually get to avoid notorious GPA killer such as organic chem, organism bio, physics, calculus etc. However, health science also has a lot of room for electives usually, especially in upper years, so you can easily fit the med school prerequisites into your schedule to
  8. I am not in Ryerson biology or York Kin/HS. I am in a different Kin program and if you are wanting to go into bio solely because of the job prospects, then I suggest you go into kin at york. But of course is you truly love bio and the ryerson campus, and the course sequence interests you then go for bio. Lots of people like to say that kinesiology is a "useless degree" but to be honest I couldn't disagree more. Most grad programs dont care what your UG major was, they just want a few prerequisite courses, which you can obtain in any program. Plus kin gives you a great foundation for phys
  9. I would agree with @TheFlyGuy. I am in uottawa human kinetics and I have a lot of friends in health science at uottawa. I can say that health sci is probably the easiest BSc. program you can take, at least at uottawa. Health sci is a great gpa booster program at most institutions. However, health sci programs often do not prepare you well for the MCAT because they do not leave many electives and do not incorporate most science courses ex. orgo chem, physics, bio etc.
  10. I also do not have personal experience. I have heard that U of T kills your GPA but everyone is different, some people do well in a competitive environment like u of t and others don't. Either way do not choose based on which program is more competitive to get into, the prestige of the program/school or anything like that, Med schools do not care about any of that. Choose based on which program you think you would enjoy more (look at the course sequences), opportunities for research and jobs and volunteering, location, where you can see yourself, and where you think you can get a high GPA.
  11. I am currently in a virtual organic chemistry lab and it has not been a very good learning experience. I find that orgo is a class where you really need to be in the lab and doing things in order to understand the material, as well as learn lab techniques that would be useful in upper-years. Basically for our lab we are either given the data right away, or we have to use a program called beyond labs where we drag and drop things in the "lab" to simulate the experiment, very ineffective. However, this might just be me. I have always been a kinaesthetic learner, I need to be doing things i
  12. I would put it in. It shows that you are able to adapt to, and excel in different situations and learning environments. You are able to make your own connections, problem solve, and find opportunities because immigrant parents often do not have as much connections/knowledge of the systems in Canada (education). It is a huge learning curve to move countries when you are older so I really think that if you can write about your experiences in a positive light that it would really set you apart and showcase who you are to the committees!
  13. Hey, little late but I am a first year human kinetics student at the university of ottawa. It's funny because last year I was in the exact same situation as you, got into both health science and HK and was super conflicted for a long time. I ended up choosing human kinetics because I am also on a varsity team and I liked the physical activity/movement and link to sports that you got with kinesiology. I can't speak much to how the programs are during normal (non-covid) times, but during online HK has been crazy tough. The HK courses are much harder than health science in first year at least.
  14. At my institution and program I am seeing the opposite of grade inflation in most courses. I agree that certain ones that are based entirely on memorization are easier, but in general the hard science courses are even more difficult. Professors are doing everything they can to make the midterms and assignments heavily application based, so that you need an extremely thorough understanding to even pass the tests. Profs make their assignments open book and we are allowed to use the internet, and still the class average is always very low. The internet and notes do not help at all. I have heard f
  15. Hi everyone, I am a first year undergrad in Ontario and have had a very hard time with the online classes and losing my sports and music activities during the pandemic. My first year GPA will be quite low and I am wondering if I may still have a chance at getting into med school by applying in third year. I understand this is extremely difficult, but due to financial costs and personal family reasons, starting medical school earlier would be beneficial for me. I was wondering if anyone thinks that getting an acceptance in third year is still possible if I manage a good MCAT score and
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