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  1. Applied + (PT or OT): Mac, UofT, Western - both OT and PTAccepted: Waitlisted: Western OTRejected: Mac (both), UofT (both), Western (PT)GPA: sub 3.65 First time applying, will be reapplying next year for all PT. Plan to take upgrading courses to increase sub GPA. Congrats to everyone who was successful this cycle!
  2. I just got the same thing! And yes it is the same reference ID with 2021 and the following 6 digits. Is that a standard message to all applicants or does that mean that they are reviewing our application? Just curious
  3. This is my first cycle applying and my sub GPA is a 3.65. I have excellent extracurriculars, volunteering and experience in the field (I am an OTA/PTA), but am concerned that my GPA isn't high enough to even be looked at. Any insight on my chances here for either OT or PT? Applied to U of T, Western and Mac. Also if anyone has any advice who is applying in their second cycle, what courses they took or how they chose to up their GPA would be appreciated!
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