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  1. Here's to hoping that there will be some movement this week!!!
  2. Wondering if there is anyone who was previously on the OOP waitlist who has since decided to remove themselves?
  3. I heard that too but I still haven't received mine yet
  4. Another applicant let me know that they emailed Jo-Anne this week and she responded saying interview invites won't be coming out until late-April.
  5. Has anyone else on the OOP waitlist received an offer??
  6. This was around the time last year when people experienced the change in decision status from "None" to "Decision Made" on their applications!! And interviews were sent out the following week. Has anyone who applied this year witnessed this yet?!? (apparently this isn't visible on the AADSAS application portal, only through dal directly)
  7. Has anyone from the OOP waitlist been contacted since April 6th??
  8. Was there a lot of movement on the OOP waitlist that year as well?
  9. Has anyone heard when they are planning to send out interviews? In a previous e-mail they said at the end of March, but now I've been hearing that they've been telling applicants not until mid-April... Just wondering if anyone heard anything directly!
  10. Thank you for this thread!! Very eager to track the waitlist movement. Trying to stay optimistic!! IP/OOP: OOP WL #: 12 Plan on: Accepting!!
  11. Are there any other OOP students who are planning on either rejecting their offer of acceptance or declining their position on the waitlist???
  12. TIME STAMP/time of phone call (if applicable): Checked Minerva at 1:00pm NL time (12:00pm EST) Result: Waitlisted (WL #12) Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): It was okay! I felt very confident with some questions, and not so much with others... The overall experience was better than I had anticipated! I was extremely nervous as this was my first experience with MMIs. IP/OOP/International: OOP (From NL) Comments: This was my first time applying to dentistry schools so I was beyond ecstatic to even get an interview, let alone be waitlisted!! SO hoping to get in!
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