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  1. now that USask med offers are out is anyone declining their offer in favour of medicine?
  2. Hey what are your stats? (if you are comfortable sharing) . Trying to get a feel for who is all on the waitlist
  3. 23RC 20AA 19PAT so nothing amazing. Was middle waitlist last year with the same DAT and 83.5 average
  4. IP top third of the waitlist 87 average
  5. Chances are highly dependent on how your interview goes since it is worth 50%. People with high stats who have been rejected likely did not have a strong interview. I know people with below average stats who have been accepted as they had great communication skills that they brought to the interview!
  6. Interesting! Much of the information spread on here is based on personal experiences and hearsay. Last year since the waitlist was 102 people it is not surprising that the people I knew you had their references contacted all were accepted or waitlisted. But who knows some aspects have already been different this cycle.
  7. Last year I reached out to my references then they told me they had been contacted
  8. Last year everyone who got their references checked (so long as they didn't say anything to red flag you) was waitlisted or accepted for IP
  9. I don't know the exact stats but to my knowledge (talking to others and looking on the forum) everyone that got in last year had a 90+ average. Heard of people with 89 averages and average to above average DAT scores in top third of wait list
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