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  1. Don’t lose hope just yet! I got off the waitlist on May 25th which was the first big wave and our offers expire June 7th. A lot of people are probably waiting until then to decline!
  2. Sure! 129 CARS and 3.92 GPA, interview felt pretty good - synchronous felt better but asynchronous felt okay as well. Had pretty bad technical issues right before (would not let me start the interview lol) so thought I was a little shaky but maybe it didn't show any more than the usual nerves!
  3. Can confirm!! Got an offer for Hamilton campus! Timestamp: 12:10pm. I have already accepted as Mac was my first (and only!) choice. Best of luck to everyone still on the waitlist and I hope to see all of you in August! Big thanks to everyone on here for being so kind, you'll all make great doctors
  4. That is definitely the responsible and logical thing to do! I tried to not check until lunch as well but I was not successful haha Keep the faith!! I only am keeping my hopes low to try to protect myself for later, but to be honest I am not doing a great job
  5. What time do we think the WL will start moving today/tomorrow? Trying to keep my hopes low but also refreshing my email every half hour
  6. Sorry to hear that but so happy you have other offers and more hopefully on the way!
  7. From previous WL threads, I've seen all sorts of timestamps like 4:50pm and 5pm so I don't think they're at the beginning of the work day! One year someone declined their waitlist spot and like 20 mins later someone posted that they got off the waitlist (maybe just a coincidence but cool if not!) so I think it's possible they just are sent as soon as Wendy processes them
  8. I recognize your name from looking at previous threads (this is my first cycle but I've been creeping other threads for info/encouragement). Your positive attitude is so kind and I'm so glad to see that you got in (and with options, too!). Not knowing the ranking is really hard - I wonder why they do that? Anyways, thank you for the encouragement, it's very appreciated!
  9. Any waitlisters been accepted/waitlisted at another school?
  10. Wow CARS! - Interesting that your email was at 8:44 (mine was 8:45) I wonder if that means you're ahread on the WL!
  11. Result: Waitlisted Timestamp: 8:45am cGPA: 3.92 CARS: 129 CASPer: No idea - felt good! Kind of a slow typer though MMI interview thoughts: Felt okay! Answered all the questions, was interested in what they asked, didn't really get stuck Year: 3rd Geography: IP Guaranteed interview from last year: No
  12. Right??? I wish we knew our ranks Best of luck!!
  13. Mac emails are out! Got the WL so looks I will be frequenting this page in uncertainty a little bit longer
  14. Congrats!! Thx LOL saved me from getting my hopes back up for the morning
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