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  1. anyone else in exams rn kinda feeling like it doesn't matter but also SO SCARED BC IT REALLY DOES
  2. kind of the opposite issue LOL I feel like I blacked out, my coping mechanism said lets just forget all of this so you can't get flashbacks but also so you have no idea how you did and you don't know whether you should be excited or expecting the worst I'll just go with keeping the hopes low haha
  3. LOL and match the Great Button/No-Button Phenomenon of 2020?? Never
  4. Yay!! So glad I'm not the only one. I agree the vibes in this forum are ~*immaculate*~ I only had one interview so I'm not sure, but I know most have already happened and Queen's panel + Western are this weekend! Hope to see people joining the party soon
  5. Too soon? I have seen this on previous years and thought it was a cute idea. Whenever you're emotionally ready, feel free to add to this so that we can go through it all together. Best of luck to everyone! You got this. If anyone has any tips on how to get through this next month and a half of waiting, I'm all ears! (just don't tell me to stay off the forums - I have tried and failed )
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