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  1. The Ontario med school offer deadline is today. There is also the deposit refund deadline on June 15 so hopefully those contribute some spots.
  2. Also very worried. It feels like I'm trying to rationalize why it should move on random days which hasn't been the case in reality. Hoping the best for us.
  3. Hello, are there any other accepted graduate students who feel they will not meet the June 30 deadline to submit their final thesis? I know they have not been flexible in the past but COVID has placed exceptional delays to research. I've reached out to the office in the hopes of an extension but not sure about how to navigate this situation.
  4. You state that this is racism but I fail to see how there is antagonism towards historically privileged groups. We do not call equitable action towards underprivileged discrimination against the privileged. That is akin to saying any charitable action is discriminatory towards the latter. You state that these are not broad generalizations but say go look at the class lists and this years acceptances. Please show me where you are seeing validated race-based demographics for this years cycle. Please also show me a scenario where non-white students are admitted at an increased rate than whi
  5. Can you confirm that you're assuming minority and historically underprivileged groups cannot enter into professional programs on merit alone? Can you also clarify who 'many people' are, or is this a result of being surrounded by an echo chamber of likeminded people? I'm all for a debate but bigoted statements masked by broad generalizations has no place in this conversation
  6. Has anyone else been waitlisted for the MD-PhD program? Is the MDCM-PhD Waitlist likely to move based on trends in previous years?
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