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  1. I don’t know if I should email or just wait patiently. I’m a bit worried too because I hope it got delivered to the spot they want!
  2. Does anybody else’s say “Delivered to mailroom Edmonton, AB” when they track the letter they mailed for U of A OT?
  3. Same thing for me! I’m hoping we receive an email or the application portal changes soon because I want to know they received my letter & deposit!
  4. I feel like we’re not hearing from U of A OT today if they haven’t sent any decisions by now
  5. Omg thank you both so much that makes way more sense now! I think at my school sept-dec is winter term and jan-april is spring term so thats why I was very confused! I'm happy they're taking into account my grades from last semester haha
  6. I think that's saying they aren't taking our grades for first semester (winter 2020), is it not?
  7. So does that mean like winter term 1 (september-december) grades won't count but january-april will? Even though grades for this semester likely won't go on my transcript until after their decision is out
  8. I applied to U of A for both OT and PT and haven't heard anything yet! Is it true Alberta isn't taking into account our grades from this year/last semester? That would mean they're using just my 2nd and 3rd year grades to calculate my gpa...
  9. I'm also preparing for the interview next month and it would be great to know the question style beforehand if anyone has any tips!
  10. I also took the U of A MMI yesterday and felt like at least one of my answers definitely could have been better. I'm an out of province applicant and I know they only give about 15% of their seats to out of province/international students, so my odds of getting in aren't the best.
  11. I also got a U of M interview invite on the 18th of march. It's odd you haven't heard anything, maybe try contacting them?
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