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  1. I got an offer of acceptance after being on the waitlist like 2 weeks ago but declined it. Good luck!!
  2. I’ve decided to go with PT instead of OT at U of A, and I’m going to decline my offer once I go through final approval. So another spot for OT should open up shortly good luck!
  3. I just got off the waitlist for U of A PT as an OOP applicant. I’m unsure whether to choose OT or PT now!
  4. I’m on the waitlist for UofA PT as well and I’m an OOP applicant! I haven’t heard anything yet but I haven’t emailed to ask my position on the waitlist, have you?
  5. Did you email and ask where you are on the waitlist?
  6. Applied: UBC (OT), U of A (OT & PT), U of M (OT)Accepted: U of A OTWaitlisted: U of A PT, U of M OT (post interviews)Rejected: UBC OT (post interview)GPA: I believe the gpa I applied with was about a 3.9 or 90% for all of the schools when they took only my more recent creditsPerceived strength of essays/interviews/references: This was my first time applying and I didn’t have a ton of volunteer experience due to Covid which likely hurt some of my chances. I volunteered in a hospital abroad (70 hours), as well as volunteered with individuals with disabilities (35 hours), and have do
  7. I don’t know if I should email or just wait patiently. I’m a bit worried too because I hope it got delivered to the spot they want!
  8. Does anybody else’s say “Delivered to mailroom Edmonton, AB” when they track the letter they mailed for U of A OT?
  9. Same thing for me! I’m hoping we receive an email or the application portal changes soon because I want to know they received my letter & deposit!
  10. I feel like we’re not hearing from U of A OT today if they haven’t sent any decisions by now
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