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  1. On 5/25/2021 at 3:24 PM, DrOtter said:

    did they tell you why? But yea going with the big banks may be better since they have a specialized system just for professional programs.

    They could only locate my credit score through one credit bureau, not both - that seems to be part of the issue. They suggested a co-signer but my understanding from literally everywhere else and the school's financial advisor is that I should NOT have to get a co-signer. It seems like ATB is just not a great option for the professional student LOC. 


  2. 4 hours ago, CanNonTrad said:

    Result: Accepted (2:51pm MT)

    Geography: IP

    GPA: high 3.8s

    MCAT: 520+ (130+ CARS)

    Degree: UG many years ago

    EC: Non-traditional background, have worked in an unrelated field for the past decade. Lots of leadership through that, and reasonably involved in my community.

    Interview: Felt very good about it, during and afterward

    You're never too old to change course and pursue a dream!

    also non trad here! So looking forward to meeting all the other people with windy roads to get here :) 

  3. Result: Accepted (2:51 pm)

    Geography: IP

    GPA: 3.76

    MCAT: 508 (130 CARS)

    Degree: BA, 2018  (I worked very hard to get that 508 with no science background!!)

    EC: My Top 10 and employment experience all told the story (imo) of my main areas of passion and how they intersect. I have over 10 years of working, volunteering, and advocating in these fields, plus I shared a number of personal experiences and identity related things that led to those passions.

    Interview:  I prepped by reading everything I could find about MMIs and did all the practice scenarios I found online from various schools. I recorded myself doing mock interviews twice (just solo though, no practice interviewers) and watched them back, then adjusted my approach for being on webcam, e.g. eye contact, background, fidgets, verbal tics. Hopefully the online part won’t be relevant in future years but I worked really hard to feel solid in the virtual environment! I felt very confident about most of the stations during and after. I wish I had spent a little more time thinking about examples I could use from my own life in responding to various scenarios, but it might not have helped in the end and obviously didn’t hinder that I didn’t prepare more on that front. 

  4. Result: Invite

    GPA: 3.76 (UCAN)

    MCAT: 508 (123/130*/125/130)

    Location: IP

    Top 10: Used all 10 but I'm in my 30s so I had lots to say :) Extensive employment and volunteering focused on a couple of specific passions that intersect. Also included some very meaningful personal experiences related to identity. I graduated from a non-science degree a few years ago and had no awards or research experience.

    I haven't been in the forums until now, which was probably the right call for my mental health. I did my interview on March 6th and have been trying to not think about it since then, but I'm in my feels today knowing the other half of interviewees are doing theirs this weekend! U of C was one of the only schools in Canada that I was eligible to apply for so I'm very happy as a first time applicant.

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