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  1. For those waitlisted for UofA PT, I feel you. I hate waiting without knowing if I’m waiting for anything, so I created this topic to maybe track any upcoming movement in the waitlist. If anyone has any idea about their track record for waitlist movement, please feel free to share!
  2. I got waitlisted for u of a pt Does anyone know if it’s possible to email them to see where you stand on the waitlist?
  3. Don’t worry about it too much, I’m on the exact same boat. I think that for interviews, people usually do better than they think they did, just because we’re our own worst critic, so don’t beat yourself up over what’s already done. Be confident in yourself and proud that you did your best! Plus, it’s not over until the offers come out! And if worse comes to worse, there’s always an opportunity to reapply next year, knowing that you definitely have the grades and passion for PT! Best of luck!
  4. I have the same concern, and it’s been squeezing my insides since I finished the interview yesterday! I think that you have really good grounding already with such a high sGPA and being IP, so I think you definitely have a really good chance of getting in! I remember thinking I could’ve said more for at least 2 of the stations and my sGPA is around 3.94, so you definitely have better footing than me :). Don’t worry too much about it, you are fine!
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