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  1. Thank you so so much for this! This really helps in getting started to prepare for the interviews since I had no idea where or how to even begin. Appreciate it!
  2. @Forever_Regrets Hi! Can I ask how you prepared for your interviews last year? Do you have any tips or advice that you think really worked well for you?
  3. Got my invite as well! Core: 78.2% Last 30 credits: 84.9% Goodluck to everyone!
  4. Yup, they said they would only count our grades until Term 1 (Sep-Dec 2020)
  5. I think this year's average will be a little higher though because of online school. Personally, my grades and my friends' grades went up this year, but who knows... Hopefully 74%+ will be enough to get an interview!
  6. Woah.... Lucky! How are you doing in the program so far? And also if you don't mind me asking, what were your core + last 30 credits average?
  7. Does anyone know how many applicants they're giving out interviews for? I believe overall they are accepting 224 applicants after the interviews.
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