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  1. From the timeline within the applicant package, it seems that the only correspondence we SHOULD have received was whether we were (1) being offered a seat, (2) being waitlisted or (3) not being offered a seat in the current admissions cycle.
  2. "We regret to inform you that your file will not progress to the next stages of assessment." But what are the next stages of assessment? They already have all the files they need to assess me. They have my transcripts, MCAT score, MMI score. What more do they need?
  3. I mean, if it was truly a rejection email why wouldn't they attach the "Appeals Form"? It just doesn't seem right.
  4. What are the chances/odds that this was a mistake? Based on the applicant information package, I passed all cutoffs and I killed the interview. I just don't understand (1) how I wasn't even waitlisted and (2) how it is SO early this year. My one friend who was rejected didn't get that email until May 15th. I'd love to believe this was an automated rejection email and a mistake, but who knows. I just really hope if it is a mistake, they let us know soon.
  5. Same. IP applicant and I am shocked! It's too early and the email is too short. I thought they would have at least used the correct vocabulary saying "You will not be offered a seat in the current admissions cycle."
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