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  1. I'm not sure exactly how many people are currently waitlisted. But based on my observation, I don't think anyone has received an rejection letter and there are quite many students who have not heard anything back. So I guess everyone who didn't get an offer are just waitlisted.
  2. No one knows. You might want to contact the admissions office for clarification.
  3. Anyone else worried about how they did on their interviews? I am so nervous because I think I messed up half of the questions....
  4. We also see more undergraduate applications this year compared to previous years. I guess this pandemic is causing people to pursue in higher education level for better job opportunities???
  5. So we might expect higher admission average for this year.... I'm not sure if my average is even competitive enough to spot an interview now, since I'm currently at high 70s.
  6. Thanks for sharing this information. Can you also tell me where you found this? It is also quite surprising that this thread is less active compare to previous years, yet we have considerable number of applicants.
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