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  1. Hello folks thought I could share my results as well! R-Score: 36.5 Casper: Big OOF MMI: Was super relaxed thankfully and let myself show who I am. I'd highly recommend that! Let the nerves go! McGill: Accepted (Montreal) UdeM: Got campus form, then a SEATHING rejection (no waitlist lmaooo). Probs the casper that killed me. ULaval: Refused for doodoo casper UdeS: Waitlist (will be rejecting my spot) Comments: McGill was my first choice anyways so I'm vibing right now! I was on the waitlist for the MMI for McGill, so anything is possible guys! My CASPer w
  2. When should I expect to get my official letter? Is it by email or on Minerva?
  3. Hi folks, I checked Minerva and it says "Admitted with Condition". I selected Mtl as first choice and Outaouais as my second. I have no waitlist that I can find.... does this mean I was accepted to MTL? (also where would my wailtist rank appear if I had one?)
  4. Est-ce que notre choix sur ce formulaire aura un gros impact sur nos chances d'etre admis? Ou est'ce que choisir Saguenay augemente tes chances?
  5. Hi folks - just to encourage some of my fellow 'Reviewed- Decision Pending' waitlisters out there, my status just changed today, April 1, to Further Review Required. Don't lose faith guys (cause trust me I was too). Here are my stats if it helps out: R-score: 36.5 CASPer: Left on average 1/3 questions blank per scenario so I felt like crap afterwards. What I did write however was very long for the 2/3 questions. Didn't study much (literally night before). CV: Pretty solid CV, a lot of diverse volunteering as a Crisis Responder, tutoring for years, a lot of work within Indig
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