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  1. 560 LOL I was already accepted to my first choice (McGill Mtl) et avec un rang de 560 c'est deja perdu.... je te dis que mon CASPer killed me. Si ce n'etait pas grace to la ponderation 20% du CASPer at mcgill et les MMIs, j'aurais ete rejected everywhere sans question. Hope that helps :-)
  2. Hello folks thought I could share my results as well! R-Score: 36.5 Casper: Big OOF MMI: Was super relaxed thankfully and let myself show who I am. I'd highly recommend that! Let the nerves go! McGill: Accepted (Montreal) UdeM: Got campus form, then a SEATHING rejection (no waitlist lmaooo). Probs the casper that killed me. ULaval: Refused for doodoo casper UdeS: Waitlist (will be rejecting my spot) Comments: McGill was my first choice anyways so I'm vibing right now! I was on the waitlist for the MMI for McGill, so anything is possible guys! My CASPer w
  3. When should I expect to get my official letter? Is it by email or on Minerva?
  4. Hi folks, I checked Minerva and it says "Admitted with Condition". I selected Mtl as first choice and Outaouais as my second. I have no waitlist that I can find.... does this mean I was accepted to MTL? (also where would my wailtist rank appear if I had one?)
  5. Est-ce que notre choix sur ce formulaire aura un gros impact sur nos chances d'etre admis? Ou est'ce que choisir Saguenay augemente tes chances?
  6. Hi folks - just to encourage some of my fellow 'Reviewed- Decision Pending' waitlisters out there, my status just changed today, April 1, to Further Review Required. Don't lose faith guys (cause trust me I was too). Here are my stats if it helps out: R-score: 36.5 CASPer: Left on average 1/3 questions blank per scenario so I felt like crap afterwards. What I did write however was very long for the 2/3 questions. Didn't study much (literally night before). CV: Pretty solid CV, a lot of diverse volunteering as a Crisis Responder, tutoring for years, a lot of work within Indig
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