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  1. Hi everyone. I’m feeling a bit nervous today because I found out the site preference survey was sent out. I did not receive this email but I didn’t receive the R email either. I’m just wondering where everyone else is at! Also, can you please say whether or not some/all of your references have been contacted yet & what pool you’re in? edit: oops... just saw that the thread I was reading was 2020.... my bad!!! But the questions still remain: please post if you have received the survey/ when you receive the survey & have your references been contacted yet?
  2. When I was signing up (very soon after the invitation was sent) the availability per slot was up to 60. I know it seems like a lot. My goal in sharing was to answer the people who were wondering, that’s all! I wouldn’t share if I didn’t feel my source was credible.
  3. I feel that the online format and less stations allowed for this. They always say how they want to interview as many of us as possible! It is also possible that there were many more applicants than usual this year (again, unusual circumstances. OOP interviewing with no travel costs attached)
  4. There was that many slots available for sign up and was confirmed by a credible source that indeed all the slots were filled... I don’t know how much I can share beyond that
  5. https://forums.premed101.com/topic/113015-post-mmi-thoughtsfeelings/?do=findComment&comment=1227478 there were 360 people interviewed this year.
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