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  1. 1st: 1.7 (no full courseload) 2nd: 3.0 (no full courseload) 3rd: 3.75 (full courseload) 4th: 4.0 (full courseload) 5th: will be 3.7-3.85 (full courseload for Queens, not for Western) My OMSAS wGPAs when I apply will be: 81% UBC (as IP—though unlikely to get in), 3.84 (Western), 3.82-3.87 (Queens), 3.8? (Dalhousie), and I've never calculated Mac but I don't think there's much of a chance anyways. I've yet to take the MCATs. I know I technically can apply, but it's never a good feeling looking at my cGPA. Not sure what my chances are. I think my ECs are pretty good and can conn
  2. Not that I'm aware of haha, but it still might say 'Graduation Nov 2021/' I've had some of these profs since I was in second year and I they've all seen me from this super competitive, essay-loving girl to someone just withering away in the corner post-pandemic haha. I used to love going to office hours for things like journal club and getting involved on campus and having all that ripped away + all the financial issues due to COVID affecting jobs has been super awful.
  3. Long story short, I'm in the process of finishing up my fifth year. However, I've had a really, really difficult month especially in regards to my mental health due to finances (COVID impacting parents' jobs, I haven't been able to find one myself, Toronto is almost inhumanely expensive), doubts about my future (the classic 'will all this have been for naught') and just a really hard final semester overall. My professors have suggested petitioning my exams until June to give me time to rest—I've had these profs before over several years and I guess they could tell that I haven't been righ
  4. I'd just like some clarification as Schulich makes it much more clearer. Queens notes that: Full time study is defined as a minimum of three courses per semester Full time study must be completed during the academic year, from September to April I took 4 courses last semester I am currently taking 3. Due to personal reasons, I'd like to drop one. If I do, that will leave me with 3 full credits or 6 half-credits. Are they very strict with the 'per semester' part or would dropping one still be okay as it'd even out (like Schulich, if I were to take 6 courses, then 4). A
  5. Thank you for the reply.. I think I'm also in a similar boat in that if med school doesn't work out for me, I'd like to work in some sort of a public-health related field (with the government? Or maybe as a dietician/nutritionist?). And I personally enjoy things that help me contextualize medicine too, which is a big reason why I majored in anthropology/history rather than human biology (my original major). However, the other big reason was that I didn't enjoy lab work at all, hence why I'm a bit reluctant to do an MSc. I know that a H.BSc also has 'science' at the end of it, but anthro labs a
  6. Thank you for your reply—I did state a few times (in that massive wall of text haha) that I'm well aware it doesn't do much for me GPA-wise. I've discussed my ECs on a separate post a few months ago (different account) and everyone seemed pretty enthusiastic about them, I think they're decent—at the very least, I've done them for as long as I can (throughout my UG degree) and they're very unique due to my academic background. I think one thing I'm have a really hard time contextualizing is just the fact that I'm not confident in my application at all because of my GPA. I had an awful firs
  7. Thanks for your reply! Yes, I figured that if I have a 'gap/app year' anyways, might as well just extend that to another year and get an MPH/fourth language/practice competitively/learn animation and architecture in my free time/explore my personal connection to food and body image. As far as I am aware with BC, they require my permanent address to be there (which it is, since my family still lives in Vancouver), and I have to stay there for 6 out of the 12 months. Probably not possible during my masters, but returning home after I'm done shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Thanks a bunch for your reply! I was worried that I'd overlooked something, so it gives me more confidence to hear that it could actually be beneficial on my app in the long run (especially since I'll have much better access to my hobbies/continue my extracurriculars there). It's always strange to hear people tell me that my GPA is competitive and I suppose that seems to be the case on this post. However, I almost failed first year (>2.0) did very mediocre in second year (3.0+) so my cGPA is absolutely garbage. I know in cases like Western and Queens, my GPA is okay, but who knows what
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