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  1. I read in last years forum that "it's common for waitlists to move 40 or so spots". Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?? I hate not knowing my chances of getting off the waitlist haha
  2. May29 is the day that first round offers expire meaning those who have gotten an acceptance from schools have until May 29th to accept. After that date they will know how many people they need to pull off the wait list and begin to send out offers to those people! I think this is just for Ontario schools.
  3. it should come soon! I received mine 12:25 and my last name starts with M. seems like peoples are being sent out at different times. maybe it is alphabetically?
  4. Okay so who got accepted into western PT and isn't going to accept? gotta start guessing my odds again haha
  5. Waitlisted to western PT in the "upper third". nothing from queens yet and nothing on ORPAS. Fingers crossed I get into western but I have strong doubts considering there's only 80 positions
  6. don't make fun of me for asking but what is the difference between waitlist offer vs waitlist accepted on western student centre? lol congrats to everyone so far! whether you got in or not, you are right where you need to be. be kind to yourself <3
  7. Hello! Applied: PT, Queens and Western Accepted: Waitlisted: Western Rejected: Queens GPA: cGPA 3.7 sGPA 3.86 Perceived strength of essays/ interviews/ references: Casper went good I think. Feel okay about my references though I didn't see the letters myself. Have had lots of experience in the physiotherapy field: was a physiotherapist shadow for a year, a physiotherapist co-op student for a year doing mostly research. had some experience with my university softball team, a rehabilitation hospital and some experience as a PSW for a teenager with d
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