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  1. I am not a medical student but during the pandemic I have been reaching out to health care professionals via zoom to talk about the basics of their job to see if it is something I would like to try to get into. I had one physician who said that he would let me come in and shadow him when hospital restrictions are lifted (prob in awhile lol). I was just wondering if this is something that is valuable? Do med schools like this? I want to as it sounds so interesting!
  2. I'm in Ontario and thinking of only applying in province. I have read that some schools have weighted GPA systems that could help me so that's good. EC wise I am thinking of coaching for a summer football league among other things. It is just hard to know where I am at, but the words of encouragement truly made me feel better about where I stand, Thank you!
  3. I am a biomedical sciences student that had a decent first year gpa that was ruined by two high 60s in calculus and physics classes (had not taken them in highschool). My gpa after first year was about 3.6. I am in second year now and have a only received 4.0's. I am planning on really buckling down but I'm worried that my first year gpa is going to kill me and because of the pandemic I have not been able to gather many EC. Basically I'm wondering if I do well for the rest of my degree and get more EC will I have any shot?
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