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  1. No yet! Like someone already said, could take three weeks which will be early next week if you accepted your offer right away. If you delayed accepting your offer until the May 21st deadline, I wouldn't expect to see it until the second week of June.
  2. It seems crazy to me that in this day and age, UofA OT is asking for cheques/money orders, lol ..... Its weird how two seperate departments in the same faculty do things so differently. I was offered a seat in PT and only had to email back my acceptance of the offer. I wasn't asked for any money and my true acceptance will come in a letter from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.
  3. It was supposed to be by the end of the first week in May...which would be today. Hopefully this afternoon, there's a few more hours left in the business day!
  4. Anyone else keep checking U of A beartracks to see if their financial page has mysterious new charges for the fall? #Ineedtogetalife
  5. That seems pretty excessive for a program that accepts 120 students. Do they really think there's a chance 120 offers would be declined?
  6. Please post your GPA for accept/waitlist/reject and include if you are out of province/in province or International . Congrats to those getting offers, hopefully PT will be next!
  7. I did not email, but after the PT MMI interviews they said first week of May. Not sure if that helps you or not.
  8. University of Alberta conducts MMI interviews with those included in the top 30% ranked GPA's
  9. So let's say , If they have to go farther back to get those last three credits into a semester that has as a B, 2 As and an A-... How do they choose which grade to use?
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