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  1. "The final admission decision is based solely on the qualitative criteria and admission averages are not carried over to the final ranking. Final Transcripts are checked again before final offers are made to the program to confirm that all prerequisites are satisfied." This is what is stated on the PharmD website, so I guess they are looking final transcripts just to make sure you indeed completed all the pre-reqs.
  2. Does anyone know approx how many students get waitlisted? Also, has any rejection lettter been sent until now?
  3. According to the PharmD website, it says the decisions will be made solely based on interview performance. However, a lot of students noticed at the end page of their vidcruiter interview that the admission will be made based on both academic and interview performance so idk which one is true
  4. Did all 224 acceptances get sent? Also, I would like to know if everyone else is put on the waitlist if none of the rejection has been sent out.
  5. Just got the interview invitation! core: 76.4% Last 30 credit: 86.1%
  6. Hi guys, I am nervous that my GPA isn't great to receive the interview, especially considering the fact that among 700-1000 applicants only approx 330 people will be invited for interview. Would anyone feel comfortable sharing their core and last 30 credit GPA? Hope you guys in the forum all have good luck for the interview invitation!!!
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