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  1. REJECTION: GPA: 3.97 CARS: 128 CASPER: 3rd Quartile IP. Although I expected this, it is still demoralizing. Best wishes to everyone who got an interview. Best wishes to the ones who did not make it this time.
  2. I am interested! Count me in please. Thank you kindly.
  3. Is this a recent reply from the Ottawa office? Or is older communication?
  4. Correct. Thanks for the support! It hurts to get rejected after paying 100% attention to every step of the application. 6 essays! It is hard to have an MC connection when there is no connection. However, last year OOP with no connections who wrote honest, genuine essays got invites. May be the application pool is too big this year and much more competitive? Did you apply to UBC? I have no hopes from UBC after this rejection.
  5. Dear Dalhousie OOP applicants! As an OOP from Ontario, I got my rejection today. Yes, I did not have a maritime connection but I did not force a connection either. I spoke about what appeals to me about Dalhousie Med school and tied in my personal experiences: Working with diverse populations, cultural competency, early clinical exposure, rural experience etc. Got my MC essay checked by 5 people, 4 of whom went to Dalhousie. Clearly, they were looking for something else. In my opinion, It is the MC essay that dinged most of us. My stats: cGPA: 3.97, Dalhousie GPA: 4.0, MCAT: 515, (1
  6. Hello colleague! Thanks for starting the group. I am interested. I applied to a few MMI schools and am really interested in practicing. Except for Sunday evenings, I am flexible. I have collected questions as well! I would like to start sooner rather than later given that I have applied to Dalhousie as well. I am an Ontario applicant. Many thanks
  7. Wondering if someone can help me with this. When filling out part 1 of the Alberta app I indicated that I graduated in Summer 2021 but forgot to mention that I'm taking 1 course in the fall 2021 semester. Does anyone know how to go back to part 1 of the app to edit that information? Already emailed Alberta adcoms, no response so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Dear All, I am a candidate in Ontario and am planning to apply to McGill in the upcoming cycle. Can a successful OOP candidate who got an interview or offer to McGill help go through my application? I will be very grateful and pay you for your precious time. Many Thanks in advance!
  9. Heartiest congrtaulations to you and everyone who got off the waitlist! Enjoy these moments. They are precious! Best wishes
  10. Whoever is entering stats to uOttawa waitlist, kindly add mine. Stream: English Time stamp: 9:12:38 Wait list good but second bin. GPA: 3.96 My only interview. How can I see the latest updated spreadsheet? Please confirm that I have been added. Many thanks
  11. I put in my stats a few minutes ago and cannot see anything anymore. I guess one person should make it.We should have a seperate one for English snd French?
  12. newmy88, what is your time stamp on U Ottawa waitlist and GPA if you do not mind sharing?
  13. Time stamp: 9:12: 38 seconds ? Good wait list without UNLIKELY wording GPA: 3.96 Can a seasoned applicant tell me if this is a waitlist I can come off? I do not know when the good waitlist started. I am fervently praying. Best wishes to all.
  14. What is your time stamp? Does the email say that you are UNLIKELY to come off the wait list? If yes, it is a bad waitlist. If not, it is a ? good waitlist. (info from last cycle). Best wishes
  15. Does anyone who knows the admissions process in detail, kindly comment in detail on how pre interview score is assigned? What percent weightage is attached to GPA, reference letters, ABS essays etc? How do you get to the interviwew? I have been rejected 2 years in a row with a GPA of 3.96 and a good ABS. My essays were edited by 2 U of T students and one physician friend. I will be very greatful for any feedback. Many thanks in advance.
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