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  1. For people who got accepted, did any of you use writing courses that weren't English courses. For example a Sociology course or something that has the correct number of wiring assignments (4 small ones and 2 big ones)? I am wanting to apply for Fall 2022, but I am not getting a straight answer from admissions about whether it would count or not as a writing course.
  2. Ooh I hope that rumour is true. That would be way more convenient! Fingers crossed!
  3. It's always best to ask in person, but then follow up by email so that you have a written record of it.
  4. I see on the CDA website that they still don't know if there will be a November DAT this year... Anyone have any insight into whether they think it will happen or not? With ppl being vaccinated and things opening up, is it likely to happen?
  5. You should ask this on the Dental Student General Discussions forum https://forums.premed101.com/forum/7-dental-student-general-discussions/
  6. For those of you who applied to Dal, what are good courses to take to fill the Writing and Humanities prereqs?
  7. What is a good writing course to take for Dalhousie prereqs? Has anyone taken ENGL 155 from Athabasca for it?
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