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  1. How is it that all waitlists are seeing movement but this one? I'm confused and frustrated tbh ... is there something I'm missing regarding the dal PT waitlist
  2. Do we need to send transcripts if we are waitlisted
  3. im wondering if OOP people even get admission? stuff ive read from past year forums suggest not many people if any make it
  4. So I guess all the waitlists are moving but this one :)))
  5. Is there any hope of making it to DAL PT from the bottom half of the OOP waitlist? I'm really stressing. If anyone has any insight please let me know
  6. its hard to know where we stand because there could be 5 people on the waitlist or 50 and that would make a huge difference. DO you know if it's all the same waitlist?
  7. Dal PT told me I am bottom half of waitlist. Im OOP. Is there any hope or do people from the bottom half not make it?
  8. I emailed and they havent answered me yet. Ill let you know if they do! it literally feels like the whole world is on that waitlist im so confused
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