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  1. Received an acceptance! I wish you all the best of luck!
  2. The office told someone today on another forum that they did not send domestic acceptances yet.
  3. I emailed admissions yesterday and they indirectly indicated that they hadn't sent out decisions yet. So, if anything, they started today but I haven't heard anything and none of my peers have either.
  4. I love how deep we are looking into this admission process :') I noticed the same series of events based on last year's threads, which is why I thought they would start on the first business day of May. They seem pretty adamant about decisions being out BY mid-May, so at least we can be confident about that. Yeah, I know one friend who got into McMaster for another program and their Mosaic reflected the decision before they received an email. I've been checking my account the moment I wake up every day haha
  5. I'm guessing the delay is due to uncertainties surrounding how courses will be delivered. If it's online, they can accept more people, but if it's in person delivery, they'll have to stick to a hard limit. I can't imagine decisions starting later than this Friday, as that would at least give them a week to pass them out!
  6. Let's assume they mean May 15th. I'd be surprised if they started releasing decisions next week on Monday, as that would only give them 5 days to do so since May 15th is a Saturday. Fingers crossed they begin tomorrow?
  7. Did they say they'll go out during mid-may or BY mid-may? They told me they'll go out BY mid-may
  8. Not yet... I'm getting impatient! I just emailed the office. I'll let you know how they respond
  9. Nothing yet! I saw that too, but I think they're an international applicant because we would be hearing more news if domestic acceptances were out. Just a few more days and, who knows, any one of us could hear back
  10. That makes sense! I think they deleted their GPA comment because it's gone now, which is why I was confused.
  11. Hey Cathy, How do you know they were rejected because of GPA reasons? I didn't see a comment attached to their GradCafe admissions post explaining why they were rejected. Is there a thread you saw this information on? I want to make sure I'm part of all the threads for this program haha
  12. Decisions for international applicants have begun. Someone reported on GradCafe that they got rejected today.
  13. I applied as well. Looking forward to finishing finals this month so I can start holding my breath for an acceptance in May!
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